Existing Staff with Trust Usernames:

For staff who have an existing IT account you can log in via the fields to the left but you may need to reset your password, which you can do via link under the log in fields or via this link:

For most staff your username and email will be the same i.e. your trust email address. Password resets will expire after 30 mins if you do not reset within 30 mins. If you enter an incorrect password 3 or more times the account will lock and the system will email you with instructions of how unlock your account

New Starters/Account Creation:

If you are yet to be issued with an IT account you first need to create an account.


  • An email address
  • You will need to know your National Insurance (NI) Number to create an account

  • If you do not have a National Insurance Number please contact for assistance
  • If you do not know your National Insurance Number, please go to the following site for help: 
    National Insurance numbers - GOV.UK (

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